Vitalmex Corporativo México


100% of wastewater is treated on-site to tertiary standards and re-used within the building, 100% of indoor and outdoor spaces are smoke-free, 99% of regularly occupied spaces have access to outside views, 97% of the original building structure was reused, 87% of regularly occupied spaces have access to daylight, 79% reduction in potable water use for green areas irrigation,  78% reduction in indoor potable water use, 77% of the roof surface is covered by vegetation, 75% of construction waste was reused or recycled, 41% of the project’s energy consumption, for a period of two years, comes from green power, 30% of additional outside air is injected into the building, 18% savings in energy consumption cost, 4% of the building materials derived from rapidly renewable sources.


The building’s envelope is a fundamental factor in energy performance. The combination of glass, parasols and walls in Vitalmex Corporativo México reduces solar thermal gain without compromising daylight. In addition, an electric load reduction strategy for lighting was implemented and the optimization of the air conditioning system efficiency, without compromising the quality of the ventilation, was sought. All the above, achieved savings of 18% in the total energy cost of the building.

Neither the refrigerants used in Vitalmex Corporativo México nor its firefighting system use substances harmful to the ozone layer, such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), or halons.

Vitalmex Corporativo México purchased Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s) for 338 megawatt hour (Green-e certified). Each REC represents the environmental benefits of generating one megawatt hour from renewable energy. This purchase represents 43% of building’s energy consumption for two years.


The well-being and quality of life of the building’s occupants was one of the major goals considered in Vitalmex Corporativo México’s design phase.

The building’s systems provide 30% additional outside air than required in ASHRAE 62.1-2004 standard, improving occupants’ comfort, well-being, and productivity. In addition, the project’s air conditioning was design according to ASHRAE 55 thermal comfort standard, allowing an optimum degree of comfort, health, and productivity for the occupants.

An indoor air quality management plan was conducted during the construction of the building. With this plan, contaminants and odors spread were avoided. Contact between absorbent materials (such as gypsum board) and moisture was avoided to prevent mold growth.

Vitalmex Corporativo México’s interiors design allows 99% of regularly occupied spaces to have access to outside views, and 87% of regularly occupied spaces to have access to daylight, which increases the quality of the workspace and occupants’ well-being.


100% of wastewater is treated in Vitalmex Corporativo México and re-used within the building, and therefore, there are no sewage discharges to the city drainage. In addition, with a strategy that combines high-efficiency water fixtures and fittings, and treated water use, 78% of indoor potable water use is reduced. The plant species were chosen to reduce irrigation by 79%. All the before mentioned, compared to typical water consumption of a corporate building. These savings not only contribute to environmental conservation, but also reduce the pressure upon the water supply systems and wastewater infrastructure.


Vitalmex Corporativo México resulted from the renovation of an existing building. The project reused 97.21% of the existing structural elements, mitigating environmental impacts such as: generation of demolition waste, demand for raw materials and renewable resources, and construction materials transportation (greenhouse gas emissions).

75% of waste generated during Vitalmex Corporativo México’s construction was diverted from landfill, it was sent to sites dedicated to recovery and recycling.

4.12% of construction materials (cost-based) derived from rapidly renewable sources, which reduces the pressure on long-term renewable and non-renewable resources.

LEED score

LEED BD+C for New Construction v3
abril de 2017

Sustainable Sites


Water Efficiency


Energy and Atmosphere


Materials and Resources


Interior Environmental Quality




Regional priority



Vitalmex Corporativo México’s location stands out for its community connectivity and public transportation access. The building is located within 50 meters, and 322 meters, from two public bus stops served by various routes. In addition, it is located within an area with basic services at a walking distance. The before mentioned, means that for people working in Vitalmex Corporativo México it is not essential to use the car to commute to work or carry out various activities near the building. Additionally, the building has 28 bicycle racks, and 6 preferred parking spaces for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Vitalmex Corporativo México also complies with natural habitat protection requirements, it has 8, square meters of green areas, with different species. An additional benefit of the green areas is the reduction of the heat island effect. The environmental benefits, derived from the above-mentioned strategies are: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improvement in health and quality of life of occupants, conservation of the natural habitat of the area, and reduction of the heat island effect that occurs in cities.