Improving cities,
one building at a time.

Our Philosophy

At CÍVITA, our vision for the future is the regeneration of the urban environment towards sustainable development as a response to the global need for immediate action against climate change. In order to make this vision a reality, our commitment is to add value to our clients’ projects, providing high-quality professional services which contribute to the mitigation of environmental problems and improving quality of life for people. Our actions will be reflected in the existence of healthy and environmentally responsible spaces where we can live, work, study and create wellbeing for society.

Our fundamental values are: integrity, knowledge, quality, creation of value, wellbeing, realization and change.

Values we practice on a daily basis are:








We practice a work culture in which our job is always interesting and gratifying. We enjoy work as much as free time.

Total Quality in everything we do and how we do it is our strategy to guarantee long term growth and profitability for the company, ensuring full customer satisfaction and eliminating any inefficiency. Achievieng quality in every task gives us personal satisfaction and creates value for our customers

Professional Consultants

We offer professional advisory of which we can feel proud, at the same time we solve our clients’ needs and care for the world hat we live in. People who ork at CIVITA form part of a select group of professionals, we hire the best, passionate and motivated to show their qualities in everything they do, as well as the satisfaction in being surrounded by people who share the love for a job well done.

CÍVITA’s team has international credentials as design, construction and operation professionals.

Nuestros Clientes

We have worked for world renowned companies who seek for the best service providers and which have a serious commitment with sustainability and cost effectiveness for their business.