At Cívita, we are committed to our environment and its inhabitants. We generate healthier and more comfortable spaces for people and improve the performance of properties through services that are divided into the following categories:



Certifying a building guarantees that it has been designed and built using sustainable strategies, this brings economic, environmental and social benefits for all people linked to the life of the building (tenants, users, developers, owners, managers, etc.). Cívita offers advice to obtain the following certifications:

Certificación EARTH CHECK
Certificación GRESB
Certificación fitwel
Certificación Living building challenge
Certificación SITES
Certificación TRUE ZERO WASTE



When the indoor environmental quality of a space is deficient, this significantly affects people’s comfort, creating discomfort and low productivity. Cívita offers the following assessments to evaluate the interior environmental quality of your spaces:

  • Natural ventilation calculations and simulation
  • Daylight, sunlight, and overshadowing assessments
  • Indoor air quality assessment
  • Thermal comfort assessment
  • Cleaning audit



The main objective of energy efficiency is to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services. Cívita offers the following assessments to evaluate the energy efficiency of your buildings:

  • Energy efficiency consulting and diagnostics
  • Energy simulations
  • Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001)
  • ASHRAE energy audit



A sustainable company quantifies and establishes mitigation goals for the environmental impacts generated from its operations, processes, products and/or services. Implementing a corporate sustainability strategy benefits organizations and companies. Environmental responsibility strengthens reputation, improves trust among stakeholders and builds resilience, anticipating the strictest legislation. Additionally, the well-being of staff is promoted, and operating costs are reduced through efficient processes. Cívita offers the following services to manage your corporate environmental impacts:


  1. Corporate sustainability strategy 
  2. Sustainable Development Goals and Global Compact 
  3. Environmental benchmarking of properties portfolio
  4. Carbon Footprint Calculations
  5. Water Footprint Calculations
  6. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  7. Waste management
  8. Green products



Commissioning is a quality assurance process implemented in construction projects. This process begins from the project’s conception and continues until its operation phase. The main objectives of a Cx process are:

  • Ensuring that the owner establishes clear objectives for the project and these are made known to the design and construction team
  • Verification that the owner’s requirements are met during design, installation and systems startup phases
  • Verification of proper performance for commissioned systems
  • To ensure that operations and maintenance personnel are properly trained
  • Verify that maintenance personnel have a complete systems’ manual

There are different types of Cx process that adapt to specific projects. Some of them are:

  • Cx for building design and construction
  • Retro- Cx (Existing buildings)
  • Cx for building envelope