Corporativo Periférico 5010


100% of wastewater is treated on-site to tertiary standards and re-used within the building, 100% of indoor spaces are smoke-free, 99% of regularly occupied spaces have access to outside views, 79% of regularly occupied spaces have access to daylight,  76% of construction materials have been manufactured and extracted within 800 km from the project site, 68% reduction in potable water use,  46% of construction materials have recycled content, 13% savings in total energy consumption cost, 13% lighting energy consumption savings,


The building’s envelope is a fundamental factor in energy performance. Through the design of the building’s facade, in which only one of the faces is completely made of glass, the project’s solar thermal gain is minimized, while allowing access to daylight and outside views. In all the building’s common areas as well as in the parking, a strategy for electric load reduction in lighting was implemented, achieving 13% savings in lighting energy consumption. This granted additional savings in electrical consumption of air conditioning and ventilation equipment, due to the reduction of internal thermal loads. These strategies and a variable refrigerant system used for the building’s cooling, result in 13.4% savings in total energy consumption (cost-based). The refrigerants used in Corporativo Periférico 5010 are free of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), which eliminates the potential damage to the ozone layer.


Building occupant’s well-being and quality of life is one of the major LEED certification goals. The building’s ventilation system provides the minimum outdoor air rates established by ASHRAE standard 62.1-2007 to ensure air quality. Smoking is prohibited inside the building and 8 meters from air intakes and operable doors and windows, thus avoiding smoke and pollution, and ensuring clean air. The building’s glass facade allows 99% of regularly occupied spaces to have access to outside views, and 79% to have access to daylight. Increasing quality in the workspaces and occupant’s well-being.


In Corporativo Periferico 5010, 100% of wastewater is treated and re-used within the building. Therefore, there are no sewage discharges to the city drainage. In addition, high-efficiency water fixtures and fittings were installed in the building, which results in a reduction of 68% in potable water use, compared to a conventional office building consumption. This potable water use reduction not only contributes to environmental conservation, but also reduces the pressure upon the water supply systems and wastewater infrastructure.


Corporativo Periférico 5010 has an appropriately sized area dedicated for the collection and storage of recyclables which includes containers for paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, and metals. 46% of building’s construction materials (cost based) were manufactured using recycled materials, which reduces environmental impact caused by the extraction and processing of natural resources and virgin materials. 76% of construction materials (cost based) have been manufactured and extracted within an 800 km radius from the project site. Therefore, reducing the environmental impact of transportation and supporting national and local economy.

LEED score

LEED BD+C for Core and Shell v3
junio de 2018

Sustainable Sites


Water Efficiency


Energy and Atmosphere


Materials and Resources


Interior Environmental Quality




Regional priority



Corporativo Periférico 5010 location stands out for its connectivity with the community and access to public transportation. There are various bus lines connecting the building with different parts of the city and stop near it, the nearest metrobus station is 450 meters away. In addition, diverse basic services are within a walking distance from the building’s main entrance. People working in Corporativo Periférico 5010 can commute to work or carry out various activities near the building without the need for a car. The building also has 32 preferred parking spaces for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles. Contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption and promoting a healthier lifestyle. The building has 1,405 square meters of green areas, including a green roof. The landscape design includes native and adapted plants, creating a biodiverse habitat and no potable water is used for irrigation. The green roof, as well as the underground parking, reduce the heat island effect.