Forum Naucalpan


100% of wastewater is treated on-site to tertiary standards and re-used within the building, 100% of regularly occupied spaces have air renewal, 100% of indoor and outdoor spaces are smoke-free, 100% of wood is FSC certified, 91% of construction waste was reused or recycled, 90% of regularly occupied spaces have access to outside views,  88% of regularly occupied spaces have sufficient daylight, 70% reduction in indoor potable water use, 25% of construction materials have been manufactured within an 800 km radius from the project site, 20% of construction materials count have been manufactured from recycled materials, 13% savings in total annual energy cost.


The building’s envelope is a fundamental factor in Forum Naucalpan’s energy performance. The combination of high-performance glasses and opaque vertical architectural elements on the facade, which serve as parasols, reduce the entry of direct solar radiation. As a result, solar heat gain is reduced without compromising daylight. In addition, an electric load reduction strategy for lighting was implemented. 60% savings in energy consumption for parking’s lighting and 12% for common areas’ were achieved. The aim was to optimize the efficiency of the air conditioning system without compromising ventilation quality. All this, in total, achieved savings of 13% in the building’s total annual energy cost.

Refrigerants used in Forum Naucalpan’s cooling systems are free of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), which eliminates the potential damage to the ozone layer.


The well-being of the building’s occupants as well as their quality of life was one of the major goals considered at Forum Naucalpan’s design phase. The building’s ventilation system was designed to comply with the ASHRAE 62.1-2007 standard, which sets the minimum ventilation rates for acceptable indoor air quality, improving comfort, wellbeing, and productivity of the occupants. All adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, and carpets used during the construction phase have a low-VOC content. VOC’s are hazardous to people’s health.

Forum Naucalpan’s facade allows 90% of regularly occupied spaces to have access to outside views and 88% of regularly occupied spaces to have adequate daylight. This enhances the quality of the workspace and occupant’s well-being.


100% of wastewater is treated and re-used within the Forum Naucalpan’s building and therefore, there are no sewage discharges to the city drainage. In addition, with a strategy that combines high-efficiency water fixtures and fittings and treated water use, 70% of potable water use compared to the water consumption of a conventional corporate building is reduced. Forum Naucalpan not only contributes to environmental conservation, but also reduces the pressure upon the water supply systems and wastewater infrastructure. As an additional strategy to contribute to potable water savings, the building’s vegetated areas do not need permanent irrigation systems, they are only irrigated in dry seasons if required.


Forum Naucalpan has an area dedicated for the collection and storage of recyclables which includes containers for paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, and metals.

91% of waste generated during Forum Naucalpan’s construction was diverted from landfill and sent to sites dedicated to recovery and recycling.

20% of construction materials used in the building have been manufactured using recycled materials, which reduces environmental impact caused by the extraction and processing of natural resources and virgin materials.

25% of construction materials used in the building were manufactured within an 800 km radius from the project site, avoiding the emissions generated by transportation, and supporting national and local economy.

100% of the wood used in Forum Naucalpan is FSC certified, which guarantees that the wood comes from responsibly managed forest plantations or forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.

LEED score

LEED BD+C for Core and Shell v3
noviembre de 2017

Sustainable Sites


Water Efficiency


Energy and Atmosphere


Materials and Resources


Interior Environmental Quality




Regional priority



Forum Naucalpan stands out for being in a previously urbanized area with existing infrastructure, community connectivity and public transportation access. The building is located within 96 meters from a public bus stop, served by three routes, and at 193 meters from another bus stop, served by one route. In addition, is in an area with basic services at a walking distance. Services include restaurants, parks, medical services, banks, among others. This means that people working in Forum Naucalpan can commute to work or carry out various activities near the building without the need for a car. In addition, the building has an underground parking, which includes 64 preferred parking spaces for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles, contributing to the reduction of emissions and fuel consumption, and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Forum Naucalpan also has an area of 546 square meters of open spaces covered with vegetation, promoting biodiversity, reducing the urban heat island effect, and increasing rainwater harvesting. These green spaces are irrigated with treated water. In addition, the building has 1,169 square meters of pedestrian area, which provides users with a connection to the outside.

The environmental benefits derived from the above-mentioned strategies are: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improvement of health and quality of life of occupants, conservation of the natural habitat in the area, and reduction of the heat island effect that occurs in cities.